1 fantastic, super, cool, extremely good.
2 fanciful, imaginary, unbelievable, utopical.
* * *
1 fantastic
2 (estupendo) wonderful
* * *
(f. - fantástica)
1) fantastic
2) great, terrific
* * *
1. ADJ
1) (=imaginario) fantastic
2) * (=estupendo) fantastic, great *
3) (=fanfarrón) boastful
EXCL * great!, fantastic!, terrific! *
* * *
-ca adjetivo fantastic
adverbio (CS fam)

nos llevamos fantástico — we get on fantastically well (colloq)

lo pasé fantástico — I had a great time

* * *
-ca adjetivo fantastic
adverbio (CS fam)

nos llevamos fantástico — we get on fantastically well (colloq)

lo pasé fantástico — I had a great time

* * *
1 = fantastic, fantastical.

Ex: He builds up a picture of human anguish in the face of the mysteries of existence that is both dreamlike and concrete, fantastic and real at the same time.

Ex: Filled with allegory and allusion, his paintings portray a fantastical universe inhabited by mysterious and fanciful creatures.
* fantástico, lo = fantastic, the.
* personaje fantástico = fantasy character.

2 = fantastic, wayout, out of this world, smash, fantastical, light fantastic, a stormer of, tip-top, picture-perfect.

Ex: GODORT has done a fantastic job of dealing with and solving documents problems.

Ex: By asking readers to indicate whether the reference had been of interest or not, a degree of feedback can be obtained which can be used to modify their profiles, but there will never be any means of foretelling the 'wayout' article which may prove of interest.
Ex: I get a kick when I'm on my racing bike, and when I have my skates on it's out of this world.
Ex: The cooperative venture 'StoryLines America' joins libraries and public radio in smash kick-off.
Ex: Adorno's distinction between fantastical thought & the commodification of fantasy in the form of literature is addressed.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Networking the light fantastic. CD-ROMs on LANs'.
Ex: After only two days rehearsal we did a stormer of a gig from my point of view which went down a treat to a packed house.
Ex: It's a tip-top place from top to bottom with no letdowns whatsoever.
Ex: The opening day of the pheasant hunting season was almost picture-perfect as warm temperatures and sunshine were the order of the day.
* sentirse fantástico = feel + tip-top.

* * *
fantástico1 -ca
1 (fam) (estupendo) fantastic (colloq)
2 (imaginario) ‹personaje/paisaje› fantastic, imaginary
(CS fam) fantastically well (colloq)
nos llevamos fantástico we get on fantastically well (colloq)
* * *

-ca adjetivo

fantástico,-a adjetivo
1 (de la imaginación) fantastic
2 fam (muy bueno) excellent, fantastic: compramos un vino fantástico, we bought an excellent wine

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* * *
fantástico, -a
1. [imaginario] fantastic, imaginary
2. Fam [estupendo] fantastic, wonderful;
¿vamos a la ópera? – fantástico shall we go to the opera? – yes, that would be terrific
[muy bien]
lo pasamos fantástico we had a fantastic o wonderful time
* * *
adj fantastic
* * *
fantástico, -ca adj
1) : fantastic, imaginary, unreal
2) fam : great, fantastic
* * *
fantástico adj fantastic / wonderful / great
hemos pasado un día fantástico we've had a wonderful day

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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